Leadership Team


Jack Lackey – CEO

Growing up in the ABS Colorado business, Jack Lackey learned a lot from his father, including the idea that treating his employees like family was the best way to get the most from them in return.  Jack says “my employees are #1, my clients are #2.” While that seems a crazy statement, he feels strongly that taking care of his team ensures they will take care of his ABS Colorado clients. It has proven true–after taking over the reins of the company, he has grown it exponentially in number and size of projects, as well as adding many skilled and valued employees. Jack participates in many outside volunteer activities, including the Workforce Development Committee for the Association of General Contractors, which seeks to develop the next generation of construction industry workers.

Jack’s perfect weekend would be spending time in Summit County skiing, hiking, biking and fishing with his family.


Nathan Fletemeyer – Pre-Construction Manager

Nathan strives to “make his client look good to their client” and has been in the construction industry since he was a teenager. He loves working with his hands and the teamwork he enjoys at ABS Colorado. He studied Construction Management at CSU and did an internship at a General Contractor before coming to ABS Colorado in 2004.

Nathan enjoys nature photography, and if he won the lottery, the first thing he would buy is a beach property for his parents.


Jenn Stevenson – Sr. Project Manager

Jenn’s entire career has been in construction with a good portion dedicated to Division 10. She enjoys leading her team using her past experiences and gets her energy from attacking a client crisis and solving the problem efficiently with the resources and knowledge base she has on her side. With the inter-department camaraderie and communication she has at ABS Colorado, she feels confident that her team is supported in making quick decisions to benefit the client. Jenn says “happy employees are better equipped to provide excellent results and support customer service; ABS understands that.”

Jenn’s perfect weekend involves unwinding in nature at a cabin in Estes Park with her husband and St. Bernard puppy, Zeus.


Justin Wilson – Installation Department Manager

Justin has been in the construction industry for 25 years, and has been at ABS Colorado since 2000, with previous experience in HVAC as a sheet metal mechanic. His general construction knowledge helps him daily, and he is proud of how ABS has grown over the years with long-term employees operating as a team and “making great work look easy.” He loves seeing progress on a project at the end of the day

Justin’s perfect weekend would be a Japanese dinner with his wife, a rock and roll concert, and a jam session or gig with his buddies in their heavy metal band.


Ben Humphries – Service Department Manager

Ben spent years in the field as an installer and service technician before moving into management, so he understands the project from the ground up, allowing him to better lead and manage his team. He loves solving problems for his clients, and working with coworkers that are also friends.

Ben loves cycling, and his perfect weekend would be mountain biking with his family and friends and then going to a Broadway musical. If he could be an expert at anything it would be understanding people.



Dan Lackey – Founder


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