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Employee Testimonials

“Our company has quite a few very long term employees in installing, which is unusual in our industry. We are responsible, experienced and knowledgeable and we really take pride in our work. Since we are a well-oiled machine, it makes a big difference in the quality of our work. We make it look easy.”

Justin Wilson – (Since 2000 – Installation Dept Manager)

“We strive to make the experience easy for our General Contractors. We operate similarly to a GC and we pride ourselves on our organization and communication throughout a project.”

Nathan Fletemeyer – (Since 2004 – Pre-Construction Manager)

“Everyone holds each other accountable and we communicate really well across departments, we aren’t separate. We have the same goal from the guys taking out the trash to the top and that is to do the best job we can do.  The customer definitely can see the difference in ABS Colorado in that the employees are honest and have great customer service skills, and that we all work well together. If something is wrong, we know that we have the authority to fix it and that the leadership stands behind us because they are involved in the day to day and expect us to do the right thing. They trust us.”

Brad Johnson – (Since 2009 – Project Management)

“We strive to be the best Division 10 provider in the region and I really feel like I’m part of keeping us at #1. We all have a level of pride in not just our piece of a project, but the whole thing, from estimating to QC at the end. We aren’t happy until the job is done perfectly.   This job makes make installing toilet partitions interesting. The company values and rewards innovation, accountability and loyalty, and they encourage diverse skills and growth. We really strive to earn the respect and trust of our coworkers every day by doing our best in our part of the team project.”

Denise Wilts – (Since 2015 – Administrator)

“The leaders here are very organized compared to other places I have worked; we make a schedule and stick to it, and we don’t make excuses. We try to solve the clients’ problem not add more to their plate. ABS is very honest and won’t promise things they can’t deliver just to get a job.”

Ken Biesiada – (Since 2012 at ABS – 21 yrs. Industry)

“If a contractor could see how dedicated the company is to us, they would realize how dedicated they will be to the job and the client.  They share their success with us and expect us to be part of the process. They take care of us so we take care of the client. I’ve been here most of my adult life, and I can say that this company is loyal and believes in doing the right thing for employees and clients. I’m proud to work here for over 30 years.”

Jeff Hallfielder – (Since 1987 – Installer)

“I feel like I’m going to work here forever.  Integrity, fairness, and accountability are all huge parts of the team which is really like a second family. My coworkers and leaders care about my family, they have supported me and encouraged me in learning and expanding my skills, and rewarded me with new positions. We all follow through on our word, from the top down. Everyone does what is right and trusts the others will too. We own up to any mistakes and take care of things, and take pride in our work throughout the departments.”

Shar Gardenhire – (Since 2013 – Receptionist to Sales Admin to Inside Sales)

“The bosses here trust us, and they listen to us about safety. My old company didn’t. I always feel heard, even when I have a concern. ABS cares about me and my family, so I care about the job. They are loyal to us, and encourage us to grow and learn new skills. When the boss and the leadership care about you, you work harder for the client. We all want success.”

Travis Kaker – (Since 2015 – Installer)

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