ABS Career Openings - Come Be Part of the Team

Employee Philosophy

“Always do the right thing.” The ABS staff use this as their guideline every day internally and with client projects. The culture here stands out as unique in the construction world. Our experienced staff has been with us a long time, which is highly unusual in the construction industry, and we tend to draw interest from employees in other companies in our industry. Our team is trained and encouraged to learn and participate at a high level in every aspect of the job, and leaders are open to listening to ideas, allowing staff to have ownership in a project and provide innovation. ABS invests in each person individually in order to encourage his or her personal growth and happiness. We help our staff to learn and grow in their careers, take on more responsibility, and move to where their interests and skills can be maximized. Whenever possible, we encourage individual passions to be applied in the workplace. We feel strongly that happy employees will be better equipped to do their jobs and interact with our clients at the highest level.

Employees here often remark that they “work with their friends” and enjoy “responsibility, accountability, and trust” from their leaders and coworkers. Since employees share in the success and growth of ABS as a family, they provide exemplary levels of service to our clients.

Many of our staff members remark that they will “work here forever.” Do you want to contribute your effort and skill to a growing company that values you as an individual? Do you want to feel pride in your job and work collaboratively with people you consider your friends? Please send your resume to our office for future openings! We would love to consider you for our team.